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    Moving is a wonderful experience! The beginning of the new, the end of all the old, the past!
    Let’s start a new life together with our company in White RockMoving is always a troublesome and complicated matter, although, it would seem, what could be easier: to assemble, load, transport, unload? But this is only at first glance. Our professionals in the field of moving will explain to you what you need to consider when moving and transporting property, regardless of whether you order the move to an office or apartment. Having used the services of our company, you can be sure that the move for you will be a joy. We are movers in White Rock!

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    Our company has successfully worked in the transportation market. We offer a wide range of services in White Rock, we carry out the transportation of goods in a short time and guarantee full safety of cargo, regardless of its size. We have everything you need for this – professionalism, specialized equipment, experience and a great desire to work!

    With us, you will not need to interrupt the work process, stop production and transfer working days on weekends – we will do everything quickly and accurately. Our office movers take full responsibility for all organizational issues. We are sure you will be satisfied with the result!

    Movers White Rock

    We are the best moving company in White Rock you need to hire!

    I&T Excellent Movers has the following 7 guarantees when you arrange a move with us:

    #1: Preliminary all-inclusive moving cost estimate

    #2: The presence of a personal manager during the move

    #3: Compliance with a clear time-management

    #4: Only clean, specially prepared trucks

    #5: Certified, trained, expert team leader of movers

    #6: Packing all furniture and precious belongings in special blankets to preserve integrity

    #7:Assembly and disassembly of all furniture down to the smallest detail

    We have no hidden surcharges, we make a moving estimate according to all requirements and details! Our company values each client, and we are proud of our reputation.

    Call (604) 720 0308 to get answers to all your questions from our manager!

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    Our first priority is always the most accurate fulfillment of all customer requests. In addition to high professionalism, our movers have special skills in transportation, as well as all the necessary equipment. Moving large items such as safes, pianos and many other things does not present any difficulties due to proper training, high qualifications and extensive experience of the condo movers. All employees are constantly certified and improve their skills, which allowed us to earn a reputation as a reliable and safe company.

    One of the conditions for competent transportation is the safety of things. Our company has all possible types of packaging, and employees skillfully pack everything you need. This approach allows us to deliver things without damage in one piece. We individually select appropriate packaging for each type of cargo.

    Household moving WHITE ROCK

    We will pack pictures, pianos, computers, furniture, any goods and personal items in boxes, bags, air bubble film and stretch film. To protect against dust during loading, the movers will tape the boxes. To protect the corners of furniture from chipping during the move, the heavy items movers will protect them with cardboard. When you move your office, apartment, warehouse items will be reliably protected from bumps and scratches. After truck transportation your furniture and equipment will be neatly unpacked and arranged according to your wishes. You will be pleased with the diligence and accuracy of our full service moving company. Many years of experience in this field allows us to guarantee high quality service at the right price.

    Long distance moving company in White Rock

    Long-distance moving is a very multi-faceted event. It is necessary to consider everything in advance, so that you do not have to change cars, return, and not to spoil expensive property in any case. Our moving company ensures that moving to another city will be easy and comfortable for you. Our specially trained movers with years of experience will undertake the loading of bulky items, the descent of heavy boxes from the floor and unloading at the new location, and save you from the risk of injury and cancel your move at all. Upon arrival at the new place you will get all your belongings in one piece.

    Why should you choose our company?

    Many companies provide a wide range of services, but we do everything on a turnkey basis without unnecessary questions.

    With our best moving company you can be confident in the end result and not be afraid of anything! All your items will be in perfect order. We clearly follow the plan, we do not ask unnecessary questions, we sign the contract. Our managers are always in touch!

    The manager will clarify your location, the volume of items, and the destination. If necessary, a specialist will come to you to calculate the cost estimate, as well as to make a plan of arrangements. After that, at a convenient time for you, packing and loading with subsequent delivery to the new address will begin.

    Movers White Rock

    Some information about White Rock

    White Rock is a town in British Columbia, Canada, part of the municipality of Metro Vancouver.

    White Rock is named after a large white boulder on the beach near the waterfront, a glacially unstable piece that migrated south during the last glaciation. The 486-ton granite boulder remained white thanks to shellfish-eating seabirds, whose guano covered the rock so much that 19th-century sailors used it as a lighthouse. Now it remains white thanks to a monthly application of white paint by the city parks department and is the target of graffiti.

    White Rock has a moderate climate year round. Because the city is located away from the Coastal Mountains, it has less fog, fewer rainy days and shorter snowfalls. Meteorological statistics show that White Rock actually gets 20 percent more sunshine than Vancouver. The average temperature is 21° C (70° F) in summer and 6° C (43° F) in winter. Annual precipitation averages 1,108 mm (43.6 inches).

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