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    Movers in North Vancouver

    Many people are used to thinking that moving is something that everyone can do. But this happens exactly until the process itself begins. In the process, we already realize that it is incredibly difficult, because in addition to moving, we all have a lot of other activities – work, family, hobbies and simple rest.

    If you value your time, energy, and nerves – condo movers in North Vancouver are ready to cooperate!

    North Shore Movers

    During the existence of our company we have proved to be a reliable partner. Our specialists have vast experience and high qualifications. Their efforts have carried out more than one apartment move. Numerous reviews of grateful customers testify to the quality of our orders.

    We position ourselves as true professionals who love what they do. We help people and make this world a better place. Today it’s hard to imagine a big megalopolis without a moving company, because all our life is a constant movement forward.

    North Vancouver Movers

    We are the local moving company in North Vancouver that you need to hire!

    I&T Excellent Movers has the following 7 guarantees when you arrange a move with us:

    #1: Preliminary all-inclusive moving costs.

    #2: Your personal VIP moving agent.

    #3: Just-in-time arrival.

    #4: Clean and well-kept moving truck.

    #5: Certified, trained, expert mover’s team leader.

    #6: Blanket wrapping of all furniture at home.

    #7: Disassembling and reassembling all furniture that requires it.

    We have no hidden surcharges, we make a moving estimate according to all requirements and details!  Our company values each client, and we are proud of our reputation.

    Call (604) 720 0308 to get answers to all your questions from our manager!

    Long distance Movers in North Vancouver

    Moving to another city is dictated by necessity. A change of job, an opportunity to improve living conditions, family circumstances – not all the reasons why people leave their homelands. Moving from one place to another is very troublesome. After all, you need to gather not only the most necessary things. It will be much more difficult to move all the furniture, appliances, dishes, clothing and many other things.

    Everyone wants to move without much time and effort.Our company is ready to provide a full package of services for long distance moving on a turnkey basis. With us you will definitely forget about all the unpleasant hassle and enjoy the result!

    Apartment movers in North Vancouver

    Our staff will pack, load and move all the things you need. We have the necessary packing material and equipment that allows us to do this. Once the goods are delivered to your new place of residence, we will unload, unpack and place the oversized furniture. We will plug in your appliances so you can use them right away.

    Even the smallest apartment can hide a lot of things that somehow take time to pack, prepare, transport and unpack. Many of us don’t even pay attention to the little things, but little things make up everything!

    Local Movers North Vancouver

    Even a small move is an energy-consuming affair.

    You bought a small house in the countryside? Moving away from your parents? Do you want to surprise your parents with a new home? Moving is on the doorstep! And we are with it!

    If you decide to use the services of our company, moving will not cause you too much trouble. Our movers will carefully organize it and work it off. In addition, you will be able to avoid unnecessary financial costs.  

    Moving services

    Are You Looking for Vancouver Movers to Help You With Your Commercial Moves in British Columbia? If you are searching for professional Vancouver movers to help you move your commercial business in British Columbia, look no further than I&T Excellent Movers.

    Our experienced team of movers can provide you with the necessary services to make your move a success. We understand how important it is for businesses to remain operational during a move, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your move is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

    Our team offers a wide range of services to meet your individual needs. Whether you are moving your business around North Vancouver BC or across the province, we have the resources to provide you with the top-notch service you deserve. We are equipped to handle moves of any size, and our team will work hard to ensure that your business is moved quickly and safely.

    We also specialize in piano moving, and our team is experienced in the delicate process of moving these instruments with care. Our team is highly trained in the specialty services required for piano moves, and we will ensure that your precious instrument makes it to its new home without any damage.

    At I&T Excellent Movers, we understand the importance of moving your belongings.

    Packers and movers

    Because the approach to moving has to be serious, you should be already familiar with the different types of packaging. You already know that boxes are the most reliable packaging for almost everything: clothes, books, dishes, children’s toys and much more. In addition, boxes will replace cardboard and are useful to protect fragile equipment, furniture, glass and mirrors. To correctly calculate the amount of packaging needed – use a special calculator. It seems difficult, yes, because the process itself is very responsible and you can’t do it with just boxes!

    Professional movers will accurately mark the right amount, take a few more types of packaging and not only pack, but also organize the space properly!

    Why should you choose our company?

    Do not skimp on professional transportation of valuable items. It is much more reasonable to save money on their safety, because the repair of an improperly packed refrigerator or plasma TV will cost much more.

    We have a large fleet of vehicles. The vehicles we use for moving furniture and household appliances have professional equipment to ensure that the transported items are firmly fixed. This guarantees their absolute safety during transportation.

    Before we set off on our journey, we will calculate all the possible routes and choose the optimum one.  Your belongings will not be damaged on the way and moving will take a minimum of time.

    Call the managers of our company today, tell them your own wishes, get answers to your questions, and let the problems of apartment moving solve with the help of our specialists!

    North Vancouver Moving Company

    Some information about North Vancouver

    North Vancouver is a small city of about 55,000 people and is part of the Greater Vancouver metropolitan area.  It is one of the 100 most densely populated cities in Canada. North Vancouver is built up with high-rise buildings and boasts its own industry, such as the shipping, chemical and film industries.

    You can get to the North Shore via the Lions’ Gate Bridge and Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing (Hwy1), as well as by SeaBus. The city enjoys beautiful nature and scenery, an abundance of beaches, trails, opportunities to ski, snowboard, skateboard, go mountain biking, surfing, scuba diving and more.

    There are a huge number of festivals, many parks and attractions. You won’t get bored in North Vancouver!

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