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    Moving Service Vancouver | Professional Movers

    Are you planning to move and can’t choose a company for this? Excellent Movers will help you move without stress and hassle Go and find out about all our services.

    Moving Service

    Today it is hard to imagine a big move without resorting to a moving packing service. Organizing the process of moving itself is not an easy matter, and it is hard enough to move without the help of a mover.  Fortunately, you know where to go! Our company is ready to provide a full package of services and make your move turnkey! Stop carrying boxes by yourself and leave it for the professionals.

    Local Moving Services

    Today’s service market is oversaturated, so there are hundreds if not thousands of offers from moving companies. When choosing such a Vancouver moving service, we advise you to pay attention to several things, namely experience, reviews, customer base, availability of a moving checklist, signing a contract and much more. Our company strives to offers the best package that will make your move unforgettable. We promise that with us you will not even notice how quickly you moved!

    Long Distance Moving Service

    Moving to another city? Are you afraid that the move will be difficult or may not happen at all? With our company there is nothing to worry about! We are one of the best experts in the moving service! Our team will prepare the most profitable and fastest route, make a list of actions, pack/unpack all things. We will take care of everything! Also, don’t worry about the furniture. Our qualified staff will carry out the assembly/disassembly of absolutely all furniture.

    Office Moving Services

    Someone saves money and organizes the company’s own move. When the employees collect the things themselves, then move them in parts, and then another month to disassemble the boxes and every day begins with the search for contracts, then the search for a stapler. Entrust the move to a new office to professionals from I&T Excellent Movers. Because everyone has to do their job: the accountant – count, the sales manager – to sell, and movers – to quickly pack and safely transport things.

    Piano Moving Service

    Many people are terrified of any kind of move, and this is confirmed by the well-known saying that moving is scarier than the flood. There is still some truth in this, because it is really very difficult not to forget something, not to break or lose something in the turmoil. After all, the days when you could turn to friends or acquaintances who have the appropriate transport, with a request for such a service are long gone. But by turning to the moving service Vancouver you can quickly and without unnecessary hassle to carry out such actions as the transportation of oversized cargo, especially pianos.

    Storage Services

    Very often we are faced with situations where we need to urgently move out (for example, from the office), but where – still do not know. It takes a lot of time to find a new apartment or office, but deadlines are pressing and there is still no new place. A packing and moving service comes to the rescue! We can not only store your things, but also pack them, move them, and take them to a new place! Your belongings will be stored in a dry and secure warehouse, because we are responsible for them!

    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Our goal is that our clients are satisfied and recommend us to their friends. That’s why we work and continue to develop our home moving service! All our customers are our friends. We are always happy to come to your aid at any moment and share with you the joy of a new move!


    How do I choose a relocation service?

    Moving service must fulfill all tasks, guarantee the performance of all services. There are many factors for choosing one company or another, but we are confident that we are the best in the market of relocation moving services!

    Can You Move Us During The Winter?

    We are open to you at any time of the year, as there are no obstacles for us!

    Can You Move Me at Night?

    Our moving service Vancouver  has set opening hours, but we are willing to adjust to your needs. Remember, we value each and every one of you, so we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy!