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    Traditionally, the move is something between a fragment of a disaster movie and the aftermath of a robbery. A pile of boxes of different sizes placed in a chaotic order, bags of small items, equipment, half-dismantled furniture just on the sidewalk near the road – all this is familiar to anyone who has ever observed the picture of moving. This applies to both ordinary and office moving. And what to do if you do not want to become the main hero of this movie, and just quietly move to a new place? And if it is also an office and a lot of employees, equipment… Of course contact I&T Excellent Movers! We are Vancouver Island Movers! Our professional local movers in Victoria are reliable and punctual. No hidden fees. We can help with moving and packing!

    Moving companies in Vancouver Island

    A change of residence involves just as much preparation, but moving your own things and then dismantling them is a very real task. Moving to another office is another matter. Several years of established company activity make it a difficult procedure. Especially if you are limited in time.

    The key role is played by office equipment in its place, piles of archive documents, cluttered workplaces of employees – all this does not allow the director to relax even for a minute. But who says there is no escape?

    Movers Vancouver Island

    We are the best moving company in Vancouver Island you need to hire!

    I&T Excellent Movers has the following 7 guarantees when you arrange a move with us:

    #1: Preliminary all-inclusive moving cost estimate

    #2: The presence of a personal manager during the move

    #3: Compliance with a clear time-management

    #4: Only clean, specially prepared trucks

    #5: Certified, trained, expert team leader of movers

    #6: Packing all furniture and precious belongings in special blankets to preserve integrity

    #7: Assembly and disassembly of all furniture down to the smallest detail

    We have no hidden surcharges, we make a moving estimate according to all requirements and details! Our company values each client, and we are proud of our reputation.

    Call (604)720 0308 to get answers to all your questions from our manager!

    Long distance moving company in Vancouver Island

    During its existence, the full service moving company has proven to be a reliable partner. Our house movers have vast experience and high qualification. We have carried out a number of apartment moves, especially over long distances. Numerous reviews of grateful customers testify to the quality of the orders fulfilled by us.

    If you decide to use the services of our piano movers, moving will not cause you too much trouble. Our movers and specialists will carefully organize it and work it off. In addition, you will be able to avoid unnecessary financial costs.

    Household moving Vancouver Island

    Perhaps now you feel sick just looking at a huge fridge or a dimensionless closet. Trust the heavy items movers – our company will perform the transportation of things from house to house quickly and delicately.

    Transportation of household items will be completed in exactly the agreed time. Our condo movers leave behind a fully finished apartment, as well as cleanliness and a grateful smile on your face.

    Reliable fixation in transport will provide perfect safety of household appliances and your other things, so you can not worry about safety! No costs for packaging, unpacking and more – we take care of all that. We are the real implementers of your moving desires!

    Reliable movers

    High-quality and professional transportation of furniture may be needed not only for apartment moving, but also for transportation of offices, banks, restaurants or cafes. Furniture is different: the usual, rare or antique, so the requirements for its transportation are different.

    Our best moving company provides the fullest range of services so you do not have to worry! We have been working for several years and have already managed to win the trust of our clients. Our team of apartment movers is working on a pre-signed contract, so you do not risk anything and can always protect yourself, because the document describes all the nuances.

    Why should you choose our company?

    We offer only quality services, because our customers – like a big family!

    Our priorities are:

    ● Quality of service.

    ● The speed of execution.

    ● Conservation of the cargo.

    ● Reasonable prices.

    Transportation is made by modern cars of different capacities, the wheels of which you will find only experienced professional drivers. To make our customers satisfied – our household movers develop an individual scheme under which the moving will be carried out, help to choose the most suitable vehicle, calculate the cost, determine the schedule and take into account absolutely all necessary details.

    Some information about Vancouver Island

    Vancouver Island is located on the west coast of the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is a huge wilderness area measuring 460 by 80 km. The population of the island is 750,000, but they are distributed very unevenly across the island. About half of them live in the southern part, in the capital of British Columbia, Victoria, and the other half inhabit the eastern part of the island, the shores of the Straits of Georgia, separating Vancouver Island from the mainland part of the province. The central, western and northern parts of the island are virtually unpopulated and are a mountainous area riddled with oceanic fjords.

    The southern part of Vancouver Island and some of the nearby Gulf Islands are the only parts of British Columbia or Western Canada lying south of the 49th parallel . This area has one of the warmest climates in Canada, and since the mid-1990s some areas have had a climate mild enough to grow Mediterranean crops such as olives and lemons.

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