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15 Ways to Save Money on Moving Costs, According to Experts

Moving costs in Vancouver BC today

We didn’t meet any person yet, who doesn’t want to save some money, especially if you are living in big cities. On top of high rental prices, you have to hire professional movers to move from one place to another within one city and it gets more expensive if you moving to another province. 

How to choose moving company and save money on Moving Costs?

  1. Start planning for your move at least 1 month in advance.
  2. Find some free packing boxes ( check nearby stores or ask your friends).
  3. Pare down your stuff . Sale or donate furniture, clothes, electronics you don’t use anymore.

4.  Get at least two written quotes from movers and make sure you read reviews of the   companies online.

5. Moving companies in Vancouver generally charge by the hour .Reserve the truck for the day of the move and don’t keep it any longer than necessary for your needs!!!

6. Family owned ,small moving companies are cheaper and take care about customers much better ( our surveys).

7. Book ahead! Moving companies often can propose better rates when you book at least a month in advance.

8. Make it easier for movers (and cheaper for you) by staging boxes in your garage or entryway. Clearly mark cardboard boxes with the name of the room where they’re going.

9. Book movers during the week, as prices tend to be higher on the weekends. 

10. Disassemble furniture yourself before the movers arrive ( it makes your move faster).

11. Purchase moving insurance in case something valuable breaks.

12. Make sure you know exactly what services your moving company is providing and what you are paying for, cause there are a lot extra charges in moving industry . It can be extra charges for stairs or heavy item moving (piano, gun safe).

13. If you’re doing a long-distance move, double check before you sign an agreement that there will be no extra costs ( fuel, storage charges).

14.  You can also often find coupons for moving companies with discounted rates. A lot of companies will provide you a good discounted rates ,if you move with them several times!!!

15. Ask your real estate agent to recommend the moving companies .

Also you can contact our sales team if you need any advices or get moving costs.

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