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Moving to Your First Apartment? Here’s What You’ll Need

All you need to know!

Especially valuable things that you should not trust movers when moving

In order not to worry that especially valuable things may be lost during the move, follow the list of what you need to pack separately and transport them personally (best advice for moving).

1. Particularly important documents. such as passports, transport documents

vehicle, driver’s license, school ID, marriage certificate,

will, tax or bank statements. All hard-to-recover

documents and single copies of documents. The best way would be

store all the listed documents in a separate folder that you can

pick up in a box and transport in your own car.

2. Valuable items such as jewelry, watches and family heirlooms. In-

first, it can be very small items that can get lost among

other things in a common box. Second, jewelry and relics

very fragile. No one but you personally will ensure careful transportation

jewelry and things of value to you.

3. Some antiques, if they take up little space, you can

transport in your car, but if you have enough antiques, then

it must be carefully packed using bubble wrap,

special picture boxes or special packaging materials.

It is best to hire professional movers and make sure all antiques are

items are properly packed.

4. Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, phones.

Best advice for moving.

First, this

you will need electronics immediately in a new house, and secondly, in case of loss or

If these items are damaged, you may lose important information.

In addition to these things, you can take things for the first necessities,

such as baby diapers or special cat food, medicines or documents for

work. In order not to frantically search for a new place in your first

day. Put it all in a separate box and transport it in your car.

If your valuables are large and you cannot transport them to

your car, you can order special wooden boxes for

storage and transportation, and use a lot of packaging material such as

bubble wrap and wrapping paper.

Try to hire professional movers to pack the piece.

art and buy additional insurance for all your works