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Does Uhaul do long distance moving?

Does Uhaul do long distance moving?

U-Haul is an American company providing services in the field of moving and renting trucks, trailers, and storage warehouses. This company was established back in 1945 and has been successfully operating until today. Development began with an ordinary garage, but now they have a large fleet of vehicles and several different services for customers with different needs. In 2015, for example, its fleet numbered 135,000 vans and 107,000 trailers. This once again proves that the company occupies a leading position in the field of transportation. Services include long distance moving Vancouver. For rent is represented:

  • trucks;
  • trailers;
  • storage facilities for storing things.

Yes, U-Haul deals with long-term transportation. But in addition to this, the service also offers to rent storage rooms for individual storage of things, as well as to rent a fleet of vehicles. This is convenient in that you can rent vehicles in one city and give them away in another. All vehicles are registered with Arizona license plates.

But if the client decides to rent, he should understand that he will have to do everything himself. This applies to packing, paperwork, and transportation itself. The advantage is that you can save money, but spend more personal time.

History of the appearance and development of U-Haul

The history of the company’s development is long but interesting. In addition to growth, it was not without its downs. The secret of the company’s success lies in accounting and control. It owns about 1,600 units. On top of that, the management includes another 18,200 independent dealers who run self-service warehouses, gas stations, convenience stores, repair shops, and even hardware stores. Since 2012 alone, the company has had 2,700 new partners, and these are not franchisees, but dealers who service U-Haul vans and trailers in parking lots and lease them for a 21% commission.

Now the company is no longer struggling with competitors as it used to. The firm has reached a new level that far surpasses other corporations. This is not surprising, since the owners have been working on improvements in the same direction for decades. But even now, not the final growth is being demonstrated. U-Haul has a great chance of further development. There were many problems on the way, including family problems, but a strong spirit and desire helped to overcome all adversities and provide quality services that are associated with transportation.

Interesting facts about transportation

The first historical records of large-scale transportation of goods date back to the second century B.C., when trade caravans moved along the Great Silk Road. That is, the concept of transportation appeared a long time ago, because people combine their entire existence with transportation and various similar activities. Popular goods originating in Asia were transported to Europe. Surely everyone has heard of the old transports of spices, gunpowder, silk, and other goods that were rare in the European region.

The struggle for women’s rights was also connected to transportation. In 1929, Lilly McGee Drennan of the United States managed to get her first driver’s license, which allowed her to drive a truck. It caused such a stir that the company where the woman worked issued her the most modern transport. Moreover, her name was written on the trailer, and every trip was not without a gun.

The moving of an entire building, specifically a church, took place in Germany. The long distance moving company received an unusual request that involved moving a Catholic church from one location to another. This assignment was completed after much deliberation on how to do it. As a result, the church was removed from its foundations using two cranes, and a reinforced wheeled tractor was used to transport it. The building was delivered intact and undamaged.

How is renting a vehicle different from a long distance moving company in Vancouver?

Renting transportation involves just one service. A full transportation company provides all the nuances from start to finish, including additional features. But this way you can save money, but do everything with your backbreaking labor. It is worth remembering that moving is not easy and very time-consuming, so it is difficult to cope with everything on your own. If a person uses the service of a moving company, he gets rid of all the problems. This works when the client has chosen the right firm for cooperation. To do this, you need to analyze, follow the recommendations of acquaintances, rely on your desires and read the reviews of customers who have used the services of this or that company. Other people’s experiences can help prevent unpleasant cooperation and wasted time and effort.

If you rent, you will have to carry all the heavy things yourself. This can be unbearable for an unprepared person. When cooperating with a company, carrying is handled by professionals and they are responsible for the safety of things. This increases the likelihood that things will be delivered safely and securely, and unnecessary costs will not arise. But in any case, everyone must make the decision independently, referring to their abilities and requirements.


Each transportation company has its own peculiarities. Before starting cooperation both for rent and for full-scale transportation, it is important to get acquainted with all the conditions. It is on the terms and conditions that you can understand what a particular company is and whether it is suitable for you. 

Experienced and popular companies offer advantageous tricks that attract customers. For example, modern technical software, which manifests itself in the ability to track a shipment. This makes it possible to forecast delivery times more accurately. Accordingly, customers feel more confident and safe, so they do not worry about the quality of delivery. Even if something goes wrong, the navigation will help promptly solve non-standard tasks. For this purpose, there is a manager who is constantly in touch.