What you need to know?

In most cases, moving is a festive occasion, meaning something new, pleasant and joyful! Many people are afraid of the very word ” moving” because they are frightened of the hassle it entails. It is much easier to control the moving process if you have all the steps in order. To do this, make a plan for the move with approximate dates and scope of work. If you already know exactly what you are going to move to a new place, here is a checklist so you don’t forget anything important!

Cleaning-up and organization.

Do a general cleaning, unpack and get rid of the old stuff that shouldn’t stay in your new life. This will allow you to take your time and make informed decisions. Think about every item in your house. You know, the less stuff you have, the easier it is to pack, the quicker it is  to load, unload and get settled in. Move organization seems to be complicated enough. You will need to categorise and pack your belongings, pack them, deal with the logistics, clean the flat before you leave if you plan to sell or rent it.

Buying packing materials.

After cleaning, you should  buy packing materials. Before you start the packing process, – get some boxes, big bags, tape, stretch wrap, colourful markers to sign the boxes.

Writing a list-to-do.

Writing is a good self-organization. This allows you to quickly distribute things in the new place, and do everything step-by-step. Try to do everything to make the moving process systematic and convenient. 

Searching for a haulage company.

Search for the local moving services and movers who will deliver your belongings safely and securely. The best time to move is morning, when workers of the moving service are not yet tired, giving you a whole day to get settled in.


Proper packaging is a great art. It’s all about being smart and systematic. Don’t forget to pack everything separately, provide enough space for each category of your stuff. Choose boxes so that you don’t have to fill with things from another area.

The most important point is to give yourself enough time to prepare, to pause some other things to get through this moment of crisis calmly. It usually can take two to three days for a family of three to pack quietly. Agree with your family about who packs which things, get a friend or friend to help you pack and provide moral support.

Do you consider all these steps difficult? Don’t have time to do all of this? We are happy to offer you the best alternative! Find a home moving service that will help you. It is recommended to start this process 3-5 weeks in advance. Usually, schedules in the best moving services are very tight, so it is advisable to think about it and plan a date.

A space organiser can help you to revise, to pack and not to feel panic. He or she divides the huge task of ‘getting everything together into manageable steps, supports you through the process and can speed up the process by pre-sorting items by expiry date, for example.

If revision isn’t  an easy step for you, the packing and moving services can help. They will pack everything so that nothing gets broken or dirty. They will make an inventorization, take everything away and bring it to your new house safe and sound.

I&T Excellent Movers in Vancouver BC

With local moving service you won’t have to:

  • lug heavy furniture around;
  • look for a separate vehicle to transport things;
  • deal with packing/shipping.
  • organise all the logistics of the move.

We offer Vancouver’s best moving service! Our duties include:

  • securely packaging all your belongings
  • disassembly and assembly (of the furniture, if needed)
  • box marking
  • loading/shipping
  • help in arranging all your belongings according to a pre-designed programme.

Moving is an uncomplicated, quick and even pleasant process, especially with relocation moving service. We know how to save your time, budget and nerves.  It’s all about good organisation and, of course, delegating complex processes to professionals. When you realise that you have a lot of different stuff and furniture, the best solution is to turn to the professionals in their field – to us! We don’t ask unnecessary questions, we work.